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Prakriti analysis identifies you as KAPHA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of Kapha dosha alone, Prakriti test identifies you as Kapha Prakriti.

The following are the characteristics of Kapha Prakriti:

Both your physical and mental traits are mainly controlled by Kapha dosha.
So you will be little fatty with oily skin, thick and smooth hair.
You will be slow in action with deep memory and a calm nature.
You cannot withstand much cold.
You are more prone for high cholesterol, diabetes etc.

What you should avoid:

Avoid cold foods and extreme cold climate.
Avoid overeating.
Reduce foods which are more oily, and also reduce butter, ghee, ice creams etc.

What you should do:

Always take fresh warm foods.
Do exercises regularly like brisk walking etc.

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