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In-store Ayurvedic products and Herbal Supplements

Explore our in-store collection and discover a diverse array of classical Ayurvedic products, including oils, arishtams, asavas, kashayams, rasayanams, tablets, capsules, (Churnas)powders, and premium herbal supplements, meticulously formulated as per the ancient texts for authenticity and effectiveness. Nurture your body and mind with the timeless treasures of Ayurveda and elevate your health journey today!

Natural honey

Purest nectar from nature  for nourishment and wellbeing.


Traditional Ayurvedic herbal tonics  for health and well-being


Nourishing medicated ghee infused with herbal essence

Ayurvedic capsules

Nature’s ancient secrets encapsulated for  holistic wellness


Therapeutic herbal oil for healing and rejuvenation

Herbal soaps

Nourishing blend of hemp and herbs to vitalise your skin


Ayurvedic tablets for holistic  healing and wellness

How to order

You can purchase our in-store Ayurvedic products and herbal supplements at all our locations.
We also offer local pickup options for online orders.
Reach out by email info@santhigram.us or call / Whatsapp us at 1-732-915-8814

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