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Prakriti test identifies you as a PITTA-KAPHA Prakriti

Since you display qualities of two doshas Pitta and Kapha, Prakriti test identifies you as PITTA KAPHA Prakriti. This means that in your Prakriti no dosha is predominant and yours is a two-dosha type Prakriti. Most people are two-dosha types.

The following are the characteristics of Pitta-Kapha Prakriti.

Of your doshic balance, your physical traits show a Pitta domination, while mental traits are governed by Kapha. People with this Prakriti usually are muscular, quite bulky and have excellent physical health. They have reliable organizational ability, adequate drive to grow and have cascading energy levels. They also have a fairly good level of endurance and emotional stability. They are prone to recurrent respiratory tract infection, pyoderma, skin infection, photodermatitis, wrinkling of skin, premature graying & hair loss etc.

People with Pitta-Kapha Prakriti perform best in a field which exploit their calculative abilities and poses them too many challenges. Thus they can do well in the fields of Politics, Art, Defense, Sports, Financial analysis & Management, Personnel Management, HRD & Administration etc.

What you should avoid:

Avoid extreme chilled & summer.
Prefer medium, humid & sea shore climate.
Avoid chilled, spicy and dry foods.
Avoid fasting and fatty food.
Avoid late night dinner.

What you should do:

Try to eat food that has bitter and astringent tastes.
Use coconut based hair oils as frequently as possible
Do exercises like aerobics, gymnastics and yoga in combination with running in during the early hours of the morning.
Use lukewarm, soft woollen clothing.
Use deodorants, perfumes and best talcum.
Always have fresh food with lukewarm water.

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