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Prakriti analysis identifies you as PITTA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of Pitta dosha alone, Prakriti test identifies you as Pitta Prakriti.

The following are the characteristics of Pitta Prakriti:

Since your Prakriti is Pitta both your physical and mental traits are mainly controlled by Pitta dosha.
You will have moderate build, with thin hair, increased thirst and hunger and also with sharper intellect.
You cannot withstand much heat.
You will be having a moderate strength for body and a short tempered nature.

What you should avoid:

Eat freshly prepared, less spicy foods.
Do moderate exercise daily.
Make it a habit to have fruits or dessert after dinner.
Try to be calm and peaceful always.

What you should do:

Be balanced in your food intake especially in selecting the taste of food.
Do exercises regularly.
Keep your mind always calm.

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