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Prakriti is one of the earliest known concepts of preventive and personalized medicine. Ayurveda recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and can guide you towards a healthier you. Personalized care, embedded in Ayurveda, is woven around the heuristic concept of Prakriti based on Tridosha theory. All the three doshas are present in every individual, but the ratio differs between individuals. Prakriti refers to the unique constitution of an individual resulting from a combination of the three doshas that gets expressed as distinct physical, physiological, and behavioural traits. Health and well-being in Ayurveda are perceived as the ability to balance the three doshas and any imbalance could result in a diseased state.

Prakriti can be determined by using a specially designed questionnaire that evaluates the psycho-somatic characteristics of an individual. Prakriti analysis is the key for diagnosis and customization of treatment in Ayurvedic practice. This means that the same treatment may not be effective for everyone and needs to be tailored according to individual needs. Prakriti has the power to predict the predisposition to certain diseases. Knowledge and awareness of individual Prakriti helps to make informed choices for optimal health and peak performance. Above all, Prakriti serves as a code for healthy living

Ayurveda recognizes seven basic constitutional types:
Vata (V) – characterized by predominance of Vata, lesser amounts of Pitta and Kapha
Pitta (P) – characterized by predominance Pitta, lesser amounts of Vata and Kapha
Kapha (K) – characterized by predominance of Kapha, lesser amounts of Vata and Pitta
Vata-Pitta (VP) – characterized by predominance of Vata and Pitta, lesser amounts of Kapha
Pitta-Kapha (PK) – characterized by predominance of Pitta and Kapha, lesser amounts of Vata
Vata-Kapha (VK) – characterized by predominance of Vata and Kapha, lesser amounts of Pitta
Tridoshic (VPK) – equal amounts of all three doshas

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